Saturday, 27 August 2011

I'm a Mathematics TEACHER. Therefore, I'm a MODEL!

This is my first time to blog and I really don't what to write here.
I found this article from my favorite Fashion Magazine, PREVIEW. 
Since the descriptions best describe me, so what I did I copied some sentences.

Big thanks to preview mag!

Once upon a time in a land not far away, there was a girl named SHIELA who loved romance novels, fairy-tale settings and leading ladies in their billowy skits and ruffled gowns. She was besotted with the most schmaltzy of things - midnight serenades, secret rendezvous, and... chunky heeled pumps? She was a starry-eyed fashionista after all, just like the damsels in her stories. And away with her prince she went. 

is her name and Fashion is her claim to fame. It's "ooh-s" and "ahh-s" for the chichi diva who is often spotted in the ritzy of locations and occasions. She's a sultry femme fatal and all eyes ogle over her parade of eye-catching frocks and come-hither ensembles. Her keen eye for the fancy goes without saying-- sparkling dresses, luxurious fur, and flashy jewelry too. She's a diamond in the rough!

What's with vanity!?? I enjoy my life in vain! Yet, so ironic but it sounds cool! Hell you care if I keep on bringing my cam to capture my emotions! I may not be good in your personal taste but this is what I am, so take it! i ♥ SHIELA

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