Wednesday, 31 October 2012


The month of May is thought to symbolise the transition between spring and summer and the celebrations held every year are believe to bless crops and planting with good luck for the coming months. Flowers are everywhere and all start making an appearance in May for this last day of October and you may even find them growing in fashion industry.

The MONTH when you were born really affects your personality as well as the way you dress. Well, it's tested to me. (hehehe) MAY is my birth month and it is well known as the month of flowers. Yes! I do love flowers and I always find tops, shorts, pants, etc. with a floral design to suit my daily looks.

I was about to go to a party and I want to look like a respected one. (hehehe) I'm always after for Candy looks, Barbie dolls or something Sweetie. Most of the people rarely guessing how old I am because it's really not noticeable in the way that I dress. Who could tell that I'm a teacher in profession? With my petite body structure, I guess no one could tell how old am I. So, I plan to look like I'm working in an office. I wore my simple candy pants and tops which I always do wear most of the time in parties and events. I teamed this with my newest blazer which I bought from Estelle Fash.

Wow, I do fell in love with this floral blazer! The quality of the materials are so great. It has a nice made cloth that gives a chic and comfortable feeling. My looks won't be complete without this rare find and must have floral blazer from ESTELLE FASH!

Oh, hey girls, I love it! So much!

Rock and Bring out the best of your LOOK with this MUST HAVE FLORAL Blazer!
Wear it with attitude and I'm pretty sure you'll love it too! ^.^


Sorry for a LOW QUALITY IMAGES. I will just fix it as soon as I got my new SLR. xoxo



Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Let me ask you one question. (A question from a Miss Gay Pageant I asked)

How would you describe color YELLOW to a totally blind person?!?

:) Waiting for your answers here. 

I really don't like YELLOW when I was a child. I always go for PINK, GREEN, BLUE or any CANDY COLORS except YELLOW! Know the reason why? One of my ninang (godmother) told me that it doesn't look nice to me and gives more emphasis to my dark skin. Hell yeah! Early childhood I have a very dark skin 'coz I always play under a bright sun all day. Besides, I'm naturally born morena, having a kayumanggi complexion. And now that I am 25, I wear any colors I like as long as I can manage it. (LOL) So, will you HYPE this look? ^.^ xoxo
Found this bustier dress in my closet and this is bliss, I guess. I remember when I was in collage we discuss the meaning of colors in literature. Yellow is symbolic of happiness and light... of brightness, cheerfulness, or hope. I guess that also brings here with my dress. Agree? Or let's say it could be purely descriptive, no deeper meaning at all. I am wearing a yellow dress, and that means nothing about my mood or my intention. :0 Can be? hehehe
Yellow, if you like it, means that you are responsible and/or busy.

[DRESS: Swimsea Candy, ACCESSORIES: from Boracay, SHOES: Natasha]


Monday, 29 October 2012



I wore this outfit to a sembreak outing with my co-teachers last Sunday and it was the best Faculty Get Together I ever had. I just wanted to look simple but fashionable so I brought 4 bustier tops of mine. What do you think? Do I look pretty here? I do hope so. 

[Bustier Top: Swimsea Candy, Shorts: The Fashion Armageddon, Sunglasses: Made in Italy from my Student Hannah]

Check this out! We went to Rico Beach Resort, located in Alubihod Beach of Poblacion Nueva Valencia, Guimaras.
If you are looking to have a relaxing, convenient, and affordable break from the city, why don't you rewind and refresh yourself together with your friends in Guimaras Island.
Since I am from Iloilo City, it just an hour away compare to a 5 hour travel to Boracay Island. This place offers tropical paradise beach setting, semi white sand and offers island hopping tours as well. 

Thursday, 25 October 2012



Styling myself to look like a Bohemian girl. Nevertheless it was unsuccessful! Maybe I was not in the mood to dress up so it ended as messy as this MESSY.  What a MESS! LOL

I just found all this stuff in my closet. I forgot where I got those. ^.^V The Fashion Armageddon?
Pink Wedge from SM Parisian.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


I love flowers dear, so, will you give me flowers? hehe
I found this photo in one of my albums in facebook and it was taken about 3-4 months ago.
Don't you like it? My look, my dress, my hair, etc.? 'Coz I love them all.
I also got a secret how to make my hair perfectly curl. Hush hush! It's a secret, so I won't tell. 
Special thanks to Miss Shamce Supsup, 'coz she inspires me with this look.

Dress (Topshop inspired) and Shoes from The Fashion Armageddon.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012



"Cleanse" your spirit- lose the hate, and embrace happiness! Do things that make you happy!
Go ONLINE Shopping with ME! 

Royalty: My Royal Blue Coat makes me feel like I'm a DOLL!
Thanks to The Dollhouse !

Feels like insomnia when I found this lovely royal blue coat from The Dollhouse! Don't you just love it? This is what they call love at first sight! I saw, I buy, and I got it! Why don't you have this one too! It's perfect since December is approaching. XOXO!

Monday, 22 October 2012


Yes! I love corset tops as well as bustier tops. I got a lot in my closet and I can still count on it!

Hat from SM Accessories, Corset Top from Tne Shop, Shorts and Shoes from The Fashion Armageddon, and Accessories from House of Chic n Charm.

Sunday, 21 October 2012


Hype this look on HERE

"Overall, I'd say my style got no formula, it's always undefined."

My closet is full of dresses. The style, design, or cuts are more simple, but it's the print and colors that really give them personality. Just wear it with attitude, I'm sure you'll love it too just the way I am. 

I'm a spoiled fashionista as what others described me. I always spoil myself and I'm definitely a shopaholic.
I'm after for shops who sells garments and cater to individuals who want to remain fashionable even with a low budget. I show that you can stay chic and true to your own unique style while preventing empty pockets.

Latest tops, skirts, accessories, blazers, etc. Name it and you got it. How? Simple! Want to have what I have? I'll help you find ways to elevate your own style by choosing garments you ever wanted. I will share where I got those pretty things.

It's kinda shop for less! So, c'mon! Spoil yourself a little.

Smart Casual Blazer in lime green from LfjClothing-Wholeshop -The quality is great and you can teamed it to any dresses and tops. Love cardigans? Why don't you try a blazer to complement the look. It is a must have! Go, grab some! I'm sure you'll never regret.

White Corset Top from The Fashion Armageddon - You can match this top to any skirts you like! It is so simple but fashionable.

Aztec Tribal Skirt from Bubbles - Wow, this is awesome! The must have prints in town is in Fashion World. Oh, well, I wanted to be updated so I have it also.

Accessories from Chic 'n Charm Iloilo

Caraval Pumps from Natasha

Here are some pics I took.

Don't you love the colors I combined? Truly, it's UNDEFINED!

Saturday, 20 October 2012


Today, I looked electric as I slipped my slim figure into a pair of bold maong skinny blue jeans featuring an acid wash features.

I teamed the look with a plain hot pink bustier top and this season's must have - a floral blue and green blazer from LFJClothing.

I boosted my height in a pair of my all time favorite and very comfortable Melissa wedge in beige.
So, where am I going? Off to Church obviously.
Well, I attended the baptismal of my grandson baby Roel.
I just want to be simple and ordinary so I wear this pieces.

Let's talk about this must have blazer.

Don't you love it? 'Coz I'm absolutely dying to have this one.

Cardigans and other garments just to overlay our sexy inner tops are now widely used.

So, why don't you try this blazer to complement the look?  I'm pretty sure, the feeling that you'll get is very satisfying. Cool, isn't it?

Believe it or not, I grabbed 5 lovely blazers from LfjClothing-Wholeshop to be used in some upcoming events. I'm also eyeing for new uploads to grab from her shop! Oh my! That's how shopaholic Shiela is.

No guilt! Why? 'Coz these 5 blazers  are part of my run away outfit. In short, very useful.

I do believe that we really don't have to wear very expensive garments to be IN and UP-TO-DATE. Right? It's just how you carry yourself that'll make you look fabulous. That's why LfjClothing offers reasonably low priced items to not make you feel guilty of buying the their must haves blazers, tops and other stuffs that you really love the most.

Let's celebrate FASHION with a unique touch, attitude and stylish combination.
Thanks a million to Liza Pinon!  I save a lot. So sulit!!! Cheers!!! (P.S. I found her shop in

Blue and Green Floral Blazer (MY FAVORITE)  from LfjClothing Wholesale-shop, Hot Pink Bustier and Melissa Wedge from Swimsea Candy and Maong Pants from Tribal Gear.

Friday, 19 October 2012


Hey fellas! Have a glimpse of what I have in my closet, another tremendous collection of mine, the zebra print corset top.
Do you dare to go with this zebra? That is the question that has been going around town ever since animal print came back in this fashion world. Animal print skirts, shoes, bags, etc. has been seen in just about online shops and any department store you can think of.
A timid, self cautious woman have transformed into sexy, bold, confident chic divas. (Well, I guess, that includes me.)
You might want to think twice before you fall back on basic black everyday. You may believe it looks classic and sophisticated, or maybe you're wearing it because it's just plain easy. But black could also be signaling to your co-workers that you're depressed, unimaginative, dark-spirited and/or lazy. hehe
Why don't you try this zebra print corset top? I'm pretty sure you'll stand out! Good luck!

Hat from SM Accessories, Zebra Print Corset Top from Hyde & Chic, Shorts from The Fashion Armageddon, Shoes from SM Elegance and Accessories from Bora.

Thursday, 18 October 2012


Have you notice any similarities in my photos? Is it the way I look and pose? Or it is in the place where  I took the photos?
Definitely! I took most of my photos in my room because that is the only place where I can express most of myself. Peace! I'm just getting weird dolly!

I'm a shopaholic! I usually shop things what I like the most.
I really like bustier tops. A number of bustier tops are on an array in my closet and I do definitely love them all even I seldom use it! ~.~

Notice how lovely is what I'm wearing? It's a combination of pink and cream floral bustier top which I got from Hyde and Chic. The hue gives you a dramatic feeling and outrageous look. 

Feelin' sexy and free

 Hat from SM Accessories, Bustier Top from  Hyde and chic, Accessories from Chic 'n Charm, Shorts from The Fashion Armageddon and Shoes form SM Accessories

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