Tuesday, 16 October 2012


I found this dress in my closet which I bought from DRESS ME UP. It has no brand name, nevertheless is not on the brand rather it's how you dress up with this black and white floral bodycon. The lay out of this dress is so fab! It has a sexy shoulder and so comfortable to wear. as you all know, I dress depending on my mood. My style is so simple yet got a glitz of glamour on it. Wear this with an attitude, for sure, you'll love the feeling! Cheers!

Whenever I'm home, I usually love to dress up even there is no occasion and where there is nobody who can't see my weirdness when I emote with my dresses.  
Since it looks nice, I wore this on a beauty pageant as judge last August 2012.

Black and white floral bodycon dress from Dress Me Up, Heels from  SM Elegance, Accessories from Chic 'n Charm and Lippies by Wet 'n Wild.

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