Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Let me ask you one question. (A question from a Miss Gay Pageant I asked)

How would you describe color YELLOW to a totally blind person?!?

:) Waiting for your answers here. 

I really don't like YELLOW when I was a child. I always go for PINK, GREEN, BLUE or any CANDY COLORS except YELLOW! Know the reason why? One of my ninang (godmother) told me that it doesn't look nice to me and gives more emphasis to my dark skin. Hell yeah! Early childhood I have a very dark skin 'coz I always play under a bright sun all day. Besides, I'm naturally born morena, having a kayumanggi complexion. And now that I am 25, I wear any colors I like as long as I can manage it. (LOL) So, will you HYPE this look? ^.^ xoxo
Found this bustier dress in my closet and this is bliss, I guess. I remember when I was in collage we discuss the meaning of colors in literature. Yellow is symbolic of happiness and light... of brightness, cheerfulness, or hope. I guess that also brings here with my dress. Agree? Or let's say it could be purely descriptive, no deeper meaning at all. I am wearing a yellow dress, and that means nothing about my mood or my intention. :0 Can be? hehehe
Yellow, if you like it, means that you are responsible and/or busy.

[DRESS: Swimsea Candy, ACCESSORIES: from Boracay, SHOES: Natasha]


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