Monday, 8 October 2012


 Who could ever imagine that I'm a TEACHER in PROFESSION? I guess if I would not tell you, you won't even know, right?
 There was one lady ask me about last month, "How old are you if you don't mind?" she asked. Without any hesitant I replied, "I'm 25".

Age doesn't matter ,as well your profession in terms of Fashion Blogging, right?!
You might have in your mind that I'm crazy and weird. But if this is what I like and I should pursue it.


So you've probably already seen this classic dress in a lot of online shops existing in Facebook, right?
Yes. I got this in an online shop which offers a variety of bustiers and corsets tops and dresses.
I really love this dress and some of my friends already borrowed it for casual attire to their pageants and some are for parties and gala.
I'm so blessed I got this dress. So classic and vintage.

Check this out. I'm in Laced  Red and Black Corset Dress which I got from Hyde and Chic.

ALL ABOUT HYDE AND CHIC: HYDEandCHIC™ BOUTIQUE is considered as a go-to boutique for fun and funky SHOES, authentic or replica BAGS and other items from independent designers here and suppliers from USA, Hong Kong and Korea, with an emphasis on retro, mod, vintage, and rockabilly styles. This shop is updated with whimsical (and notably youthful) fashions that will fit your lifestyle. Even better, the site sells original styles—many of which cannot be found anywhere else—so you’ll know you’ll stand out.

This botique believes that we don’t have to wear too EXPENSIVE things just to be IN and to look good. Right? It’s how you carry yourself that’ll make you look FABULOUS. That’s why they offer reasonably low-priced items to not make you guilty of buying the SHOES, BAGS and other stuffs you like the most. Note that they only feature items that they love. So, let’s celebrate FASHION with a unique touch, CHEERS! 

-Hyde and Chic 

Kindly bookmark her site, since more uploads are sure to come! Thank you Hyde and Chic

I really ENJOY SHOPPING! =)\
'till our next transaction!

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