Wednesday, 3 October 2012



I'm in hot pink bustier once again paired with my teal maxi pants. Same old lines once again! SPOILED FASHIONISTA!!! hehe.. I'm getting weird, I admit it! But oh please do not criticize me! I'm always getting weirdo in terms of what I want not what I need. OK?

I spoil myself again when I saw a mannequin wearing this outfit in an online shop in Facebook. At first glance, I told myself, wow this should be mine! And so, I got it! I bought this from Swimsea Candy, my fave online shop who keeps me stay online and watch out for is her new uploads in her shop. 
Thanks sissy!! love love!

I'm weak when I saw something fashionable like bustiers, corsets, tops, dresses and most especially shoes!
Could you imagine how much I spent just for clothes?!? Oh no, Ok Shiela, NEVERMIND just ENJOY!^.^

It is somehow what my friends telling me, "Mannequin: Alive!!". ~.~

Nevertheless, in second life I rather be a  MANNEQUIN that wears anything they like and comes with what is latest in fashion trends. 

What a joke!!! Mannequins don't have life but live and  part of fashion industry.

I asked myself. Do I need this or do I want this!
I answered, "I want this!"
Sorry but I got it!

The Fashion Armageddon: The Spoiled Fashionista

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