Saturday, 20 October 2012


Today, I looked electric as I slipped my slim figure into a pair of bold maong skinny blue jeans featuring an acid wash features.

I teamed the look with a plain hot pink bustier top and this season's must have - a floral blue and green blazer from LFJClothing.

I boosted my height in a pair of my all time favorite and very comfortable Melissa wedge in beige.
So, where am I going? Off to Church obviously.
Well, I attended the baptismal of my grandson baby Roel.
I just want to be simple and ordinary so I wear this pieces.

Let's talk about this must have blazer.

Don't you love it? 'Coz I'm absolutely dying to have this one.

Cardigans and other garments just to overlay our sexy inner tops are now widely used.

So, why don't you try this blazer to complement the look?  I'm pretty sure, the feeling that you'll get is very satisfying. Cool, isn't it?

Believe it or not, I grabbed 5 lovely blazers from LfjClothing-Wholeshop to be used in some upcoming events. I'm also eyeing for new uploads to grab from her shop! Oh my! That's how shopaholic Shiela is.

No guilt! Why? 'Coz these 5 blazers  are part of my run away outfit. In short, very useful.

I do believe that we really don't have to wear very expensive garments to be IN and UP-TO-DATE. Right? It's just how you carry yourself that'll make you look fabulous. That's why LfjClothing offers reasonably low priced items to not make you feel guilty of buying the their must haves blazers, tops and other stuffs that you really love the most.

Let's celebrate FASHION with a unique touch, attitude and stylish combination.
Thanks a million to Liza Pinon!  I save a lot. So sulit!!! Cheers!!! (P.S. I found her shop in

Blue and Green Floral Blazer (MY FAVORITE)  from LfjClothing Wholesale-shop, Hot Pink Bustier and Melissa Wedge from Swimsea Candy and Maong Pants from Tribal Gear.

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