Thursday, 18 October 2012


Have you notice any similarities in my photos? Is it the way I look and pose? Or it is in the place where  I took the photos?
Definitely! I took most of my photos in my room because that is the only place where I can express most of myself. Peace! I'm just getting weird dolly!

I'm a shopaholic! I usually shop things what I like the most.
I really like bustier tops. A number of bustier tops are on an array in my closet and I do definitely love them all even I seldom use it! ~.~

Notice how lovely is what I'm wearing? It's a combination of pink and cream floral bustier top which I got from Hyde and Chic. The hue gives you a dramatic feeling and outrageous look. 

Feelin' sexy and free

 Hat from SM Accessories, Bustier Top from  Hyde and chic, Accessories from Chic 'n Charm, Shorts from The Fashion Armageddon and Shoes form SM Accessories

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