Tuesday, 9 October 2012


I'm in blue and I'm in bliss.
I was really fascinated when I saw this blue laced maxi dress when I search maxi dresses in Google Images.
It's color is so cool and light that I just had to get it for myself to use in our promenade.
I love its outline and its see through effect of its long skirt that really makes you feel different. Its striking color    embrace your femininity reserve.
The laces are so comfortable to wear and it doesn't give you a itchy feeling when your wearing it unlike the other lace cloth. 

I used this dress 8 months ago  in our JS Promenade at ICCHS dated February 02, 2012.
I bought this from Ravin'z Fashion paired with an Elegance Shoe of SM.
For my hair and make up, I do it all by myself.

Here are some photos of our grand event held in Iloilo Grand Hotel.

I set my self in a suite room of the Hotel.


I was in charged of the stage decoration and flowers.

So enchanted, right? 

The III-Sunflower with there Class Adviser.

The Stars of the Night: The Prom Queen with her King and the Princesses

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