Saturday, 13 October 2012


You don't need to spend a lot to look like a million bucks just to impress everyone. Nevertheless, you don't have to be anyone else, so, be the best you can be or just try to be simple with a glitz of glamour. 

I'm a big fan of corset tops, so that's what makes me pair it with some candy blazers.

I bought this very nice yellow blazer from LfjClothing Wholesale-shop. It's an ohh-lala feeling when I bought and wore this one. It is so comfortable and fashionable as well. Grab this for a very affordable price. I swear, you'll love it too! This is great not only in office works but also in any occasions. Remember, you don't need to spent a lot just to be somebody else. Just be yourself! Cheers!

How about my inside corset top? Definitely, you can't notice it because of my blazer, right? Ugggggghhh, sorry for that. Anyways, this one is my favorite floral corset top! I got this from Wildberry Manila. Actually, I wore this many times in a meeting, hanging out, pictorials, etc.

Sigh! I love online shopping and to dress up.

Don't you like my outfit last Saturday morning? 'Coz this clothing dress me to impress not only I but also my client that I met.

I was in a rush when I receive a message that I must be in a meeting for about 2 hours. I didn't expect that text message, so I rush myself. After a bathe, I just took some clothes in my closet, doing some experimental look again which is also comfortable and fits my mood.
Since it was rush, so I have this on. Before I went to our meeting place, I grab this pic for my blog. ~.^

Smart Casual Yellow Blazer from LfjClothing Wholesale-shop, Corset Top from Wildberry Manila, Handmade Kawayan Bag from my sister which was given by our auntie, Shorts of Marithe + Francois Girbaud which was given to me as a gift, Sunglasses by SM,  flat shoes from The Fashion Group and Red Lippies by Mac

[P.S. I'm now in love with Candy Blazers!!! I want to grab some more! Thanks LfjClothing Wholesale-shop!]

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