Saturday, 6 October 2012



Don't you love how lively all the colors and styles are in this outfit I combined?!? 
'Coz for me, I do LOVE them all! Kinda Self-fulfillment, isn't it? hehe.


I'm a Spoiled Fashionista.
I get what I want!
I'll do everything just to have it!
Woaaaaaaaahhh! What a bad attitude! And I love it! LOL
Steal My Style : Can't break but could steal? ^.^V
Style learned from an expert, my fave bloggers: Laureen Uy and Vernica Enciso
Los Aztecas y Los Zapatos Equivale a MODA

How do I got this LOOK?
So, here it goes. Here it is.

Clothes that excite you, reward you & most importantly are fun & effortless for you to wear is the best FASHION.

I'm a Facebook avid user and I do a lot of online shopping!

One day, My fave online shop Swimsea Candy posted an instagram photo wearing this outfit!
Wow! I got a feeling of a little insecure! huhuhu I want to wear that kind of outfit too!!!

So what I did is to find out how!
I read a blog of Laureen Uy and I saw her wearing the same aztec skirt and woooowwww... she got it from Bubbles of Tigbaun, Iloilo for which I'm from Iloilo City! hehe

I contacted Ms. Tati of Bubbles and we met at SM City Iloilo.
It was GREAT! I met the person whom the supplier of great BLOGGERS of the PHILIPPINES! Nice!

In addition, I copied the look of what I saw in instagram. A yellow bustier with Pink Blazer.
Sad to say, I don't have the same blazer so I just put on my Bench Pink longsleeves.

Guess who's wearing that outfit in instagram?
Geeeeezzzzzzz.... It was Vernica Enciso!
Oh wow! I'm now her follower. hehe

To complete the look, I bought this Korean Candy Shoe from Swimsea Candy for a low price!
Indeed, she always gave me a great discount and she took her time to look for my size of 5! Thanks sissy! 
I love you so much!!! You always spoil me! LOL

 Korean Candy Shoes: Swimsea Candy
 Aztec mini skirt : Bubbles
Yellow Bustier Top: Swimsea Candy

Accessories: Mix & Match ILOILO
Longsleeves Top: Bench
Hair & Make-up: Danilo Montaño

Thank you very much!!!



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