Sunday, 21 October 2012


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"Overall, I'd say my style got no formula, it's always undefined."

My closet is full of dresses. The style, design, or cuts are more simple, but it's the print and colors that really give them personality. Just wear it with attitude, I'm sure you'll love it too just the way I am. 

I'm a spoiled fashionista as what others described me. I always spoil myself and I'm definitely a shopaholic.
I'm after for shops who sells garments and cater to individuals who want to remain fashionable even with a low budget. I show that you can stay chic and true to your own unique style while preventing empty pockets.

Latest tops, skirts, accessories, blazers, etc. Name it and you got it. How? Simple! Want to have what I have? I'll help you find ways to elevate your own style by choosing garments you ever wanted. I will share where I got those pretty things.

It's kinda shop for less! So, c'mon! Spoil yourself a little.

Smart Casual Blazer in lime green from LfjClothing-Wholeshop -The quality is great and you can teamed it to any dresses and tops. Love cardigans? Why don't you try a blazer to complement the look. It is a must have! Go, grab some! I'm sure you'll never regret.

White Corset Top from The Fashion Armageddon - You can match this top to any skirts you like! It is so simple but fashionable.

Aztec Tribal Skirt from Bubbles - Wow, this is awesome! The must have prints in town is in Fashion World. Oh, well, I wanted to be updated so I have it also.

Accessories from Chic 'n Charm Iloilo

Caraval Pumps from Natasha

Here are some pics I took.

Don't you love the colors I combined? Truly, it's UNDEFINED!


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