Friday, 19 October 2012


Hey fellas! Have a glimpse of what I have in my closet, another tremendous collection of mine, the zebra print corset top.
Do you dare to go with this zebra? That is the question that has been going around town ever since animal print came back in this fashion world. Animal print skirts, shoes, bags, etc. has been seen in just about online shops and any department store you can think of.
A timid, self cautious woman have transformed into sexy, bold, confident chic divas. (Well, I guess, that includes me.)
You might want to think twice before you fall back on basic black everyday. You may believe it looks classic and sophisticated, or maybe you're wearing it because it's just plain easy. But black could also be signaling to your co-workers that you're depressed, unimaginative, dark-spirited and/or lazy. hehe
Why don't you try this zebra print corset top? I'm pretty sure you'll stand out! Good luck!

Hat from SM Accessories, Zebra Print Corset Top from Hyde & Chic, Shorts from The Fashion Armageddon, Shoes from SM Elegance and Accessories from Bora.

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