Sunday, 18 November 2012

Off to PMO as Coach

I went to the University of the Philippines-Visayas, Iloilo City Campus to accompany and as a couch of my student Diane for the qualifying round of the Philippine Mathematical Olympiad, Regional Level. The Philippine Mathematical Olympiad is the oldest and most prestigious nationwide mathematics competition among secondary students. It is designed to select the best secondary school nationwide mathematics competition among secondary school students. It is designed to select the best school students in mathematical problem solving.

As we all know, how picky I am. To attend the said event, I dressed like this as pictured. Before hand, I'm thinking of wearing a Huasiong's T-shirt but it was too small for me and it makes me look smaller. So, I pulled off from my closet a Tribal red shirt and a pair of white JAG Denim pants, teamed with the latest Melissa's black wedge and some jewellery. I picked the red shirt because according to Chinese's culture and beliefs, it brings GOOD LUCK. And, I believe to it too! Go Red! Go HUASIONG!
I accentuate my get up with these elegant spike bracelet and tribal necklace to hype up my look and style. I just wanted to be ordinary, but with these jewellery I look "fab" and "glam".

As we all know, at times, I don't dress like I am a teacher and with this style, I look younger. Isn't it? LOL
'til next time in my FASHION ARMAGEDDON Blog.

Thanks to Mr. Cy Calabio for the edit and comments. I really appreciate it. :)

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