Saturday, 17 November 2012


I really love to dress up especially when I don't have something to do. It seems like this is a hobby to me! I do lot of pictorials in my room. When there is an upcoming event, I do lot of trials to my outfit. I do mix and match of clothes in my closet and do took pic of it if I do look good. It took 5 trials to pick the outfit that I should wear in an event. Sometimes I asked my friends if this this in a picture look nice to me. Yes, I barely ask of opinions of others, and it seems like a mirror to me on how will I look. Haven't I told you that I got lot of corsets and bustier tops in my closet? Yes I do have in different designs and mostly florals. I usually teamed it of variety of my shorts and skirts in a party.
Check this out. I'm wearing my preppy violet corset top.

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