Friday, 30 November 2012

Trending: Florals on Florals

TGIF!!! Thanks God It's FRIDAY!!!Nevertheless, still... I'm busy at work.  :) 
Another day and another week to accomplish something rewarding for school and for my self as well. Time to work hard and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Bring your floral fantasies to life with these floral bustier top and blazer. You all know how I love floral outfits nowadays and dying to grab some floral blazers to my closet. They are fun and fresh, but you can still wear your underneath when the wind whips up and when the sun finally starts to warm up, they will look great with a pair of skinny jeans and Melissa wedge. I'm really hanging out for more floral weather ya'll! :)
I'm not scared to try and experiment on clothes I wear. Who could ever think that I'm a Math Teacher? :)
Yeah baby you read it right. Yes I am.
Going back to my latest fave floral blazer from Estelle. These black, yellow, green and red with a hint of pink makes this floral blazer a good style to start with if you aren't entirely sure this trend is for you. It's crazy colourful, but there is enough of print to make a statement. 
They are so complementing and add such a big splash of colour, style and uniqueness to any outfit. Right?
Not to mention, it makes it so easy to turn any blah look into something more eye catching. A floral blazer on a floral top? Nice pair!

Any thought or suggestions to lure me over to the other side? On second thought, I think I've just convinced myself!

Blazer: Estelle Fash
Bustier Top: Swimsea Candy
Pants & Melissa Wedge: The Fashion Armageddon


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