Saturday, 24 November 2012

I say little, when vanity does not make me speak.

Natasha is a direct selling company carrying shoes, apparel, accessories and personal care products. They work through a network of dealers who sell their products person to person using their catalogue. 
I instantly fell in love with Sariah Black Dress and Caravel pumps in Beige. I do admit, I'm very vocal about my love for shopping and buying through catalogue, The thrill excites me and most of my favorite fashion finds are there! 
Whenever I'm uninspired to whip up an outfit for the day, I open Natasha catalogue, skim for make ups and dress, follow tips and look for an outfit that really inspire me. I really love the photos posted and all look good and it seems that it is effortlessly puts and fit right all together in me. LOL!

Photography ©SMGMontaño
Postprocessing ©SMGMontaño

Sariah Dress,
Beige Pumps,

Digo poco, cuando vanidad no me hablan. :)

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