Sunday, 30 December 2012


 The Fashion Armageddon (TFA) will be having its New Year's Blog Giveaway and I'll be giving GREAT PRIZES from my LATEST COLLECTION of BUSTIER SWIM WEARS of your CHOICE!

So good to hear right? And all of these are TRUE and SIMPLY NOT A JOKE!

I am extremely grateful for your all through out support in my page and in my blog! Keep updated and you might win this super fabulous new collection of swim wears from my own shop!

REMINDERS: A winner must be a FOLLOWER of this BLOG!
If not, he/she will be disqualified.

A LUCKY FOLLOWER/WINNER will choose 1 bustier swim wear from my latest collection from the following choices.


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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Spruce Up No More

Cropped bustier and shorts: trashy or trendy?
No matter what you call it, it has a huge presence in fashion right now, and it's not the easiest look to pull off. 
You be the judge. ^.^ Some might say, "Oh, how cute and high- fashion!", while others like those you don't have a sense of fashion might say, "What the hell is that? So weird! So bitch! Better get back in the house, dear!"
Personally, I think cropped bustiers are fun on the right Fashionista, in the right context and approach, when styled the right way. :)
All you have to do, wear it with attitude and confidence.
Don't fret! You can wear a cropped bustier and pair of shorts and keep it classy!

Spruce Up No More!
Consider choosing bottoms. In this case, I choose Estelle Fash customized shorts. Oh yes, you don't even have to show any midriff. Pairing a cropped bustier with little short shorts quickly create a "swimsuit" look. Hehehe :)
I paired the cropped bustier with a pair of shorts and a black suede wedge of So! Fab. I guess this is a perfect way to polish off any look. You can also use some blazer to add some mystery to cropped bustier while it just peeks out from underneath..

Cropped Bustier, Love Humbly Shop
Customized Shorts, Estelle Fash
Suede Wedge, So! FAB

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Where Did I Go Wrong

Lately, I can't get enough of the black and white combo. For me, it is so classic, and there are so many ways to make the combination take on your own personal style.
Oversized see-through top quickly designated itself to be in arm's reach. The sizing is confusing, so oversized is accurate to my black tube top.
Truly, black and white is a no fail recipe for style success, and I can't stop gaping with my latest stunning looks. ^.^V

Black and white has always been the most natural of combinations. The Fashion Armageddon pieces craving to fulfill the need for contrasting chicness. :)

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

OUTBOUND: Florals in Blue & Pink + Lace

SHORTS, White Laced: 168 ALLEGRO
BAG, Pink Clutch Sling Type : SM PARISIAN

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Mezcla Verde

Green Floral Blazer, NJ COUTURE
Green Bustier Top, SWIMSEA CANDY
Denim Pants, LEE
Melissa Wedge, SWIMSEA CANDY

Sunday, 2 December 2012

SUNDAY: Wordless-Barefaced-Fever

I could never quite find my own style.  To tell you honestly, I am barefaced and not feeling well as pictured. 
I am wearing zero make up all for you to see.
SKIRT: from my mom

Nuestra Belleza México 2012

Nuestra Belleza México 2012 or Miss Mexico 2012 was held at the Poliforum del Centro de Convenciones of Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, Mexico on September 1, 2012. Thirty five lovely contestants competed for the national title, which was won by Cynthia Duque from Nuevo Leon who will compete in Miss Universe 2013.

Allow me to share the videos which I grab from YOUTUBE. See these lovely Mexicanas ramp the stage and showcase their beauty. 

Saturday, 1 December 2012

On the 1st day of December

Good bye November! Good vibes December!
Don't you like the colors I teamed? 'Coz I definitely love them all!
On the 1st day of December, it's the perfect time to experiment with all of your favorite pieces into chilly weather.
For me, this look is perfection! Pick up my new animal print and my Korean Candy Shoes with the same print too. These won't be mine without  Swimsea Candy
Leopard print doesn't have to be intimidating or trashy. A blast of cheetah in my bodycon and shoes are truly perfect. It can also be mixed with other colors like pink as pictured.
One of the great think about fashion and personal style these days is that trends no longer rule everything. Yes, indeed, we are free to mix and match colors, patterns, prints, and textures as we see fit and play with. 
Try this new combination, pink hue on a cheetah print. Isn't it great?
Any thought or suggestions to lure me over to the other side? 
On second thought, I think I've just convinced myself! :)

Photography (c) SMGMontaño
Postprocessing (c) SMGMontaño
Cheetah Bodycon Dress, Korean Candy Shoes and Accessories: Swimsea Candy
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