Saturday, 1 December 2012

On the 1st day of December

Good bye November! Good vibes December!
Don't you like the colors I teamed? 'Coz I definitely love them all!
On the 1st day of December, it's the perfect time to experiment with all of your favorite pieces into chilly weather.
For me, this look is perfection! Pick up my new animal print and my Korean Candy Shoes with the same print too. These won't be mine without  Swimsea Candy
Leopard print doesn't have to be intimidating or trashy. A blast of cheetah in my bodycon and shoes are truly perfect. It can also be mixed with other colors like pink as pictured.
One of the great think about fashion and personal style these days is that trends no longer rule everything. Yes, indeed, we are free to mix and match colors, patterns, prints, and textures as we see fit and play with. 
Try this new combination, pink hue on a cheetah print. Isn't it great?
Any thought or suggestions to lure me over to the other side? 
On second thought, I think I've just convinced myself! :)

Photography (c) SMGMontaño
Postprocessing (c) SMGMontaño
Cheetah Bodycon Dress, Korean Candy Shoes and Accessories: Swimsea Candy

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