Saturday, 29 December 2012

Spruce Up No More

Cropped bustier and shorts: trashy or trendy?
No matter what you call it, it has a huge presence in fashion right now, and it's not the easiest look to pull off. 
You be the judge. ^.^ Some might say, "Oh, how cute and high- fashion!", while others like those you don't have a sense of fashion might say, "What the hell is that? So weird! So bitch! Better get back in the house, dear!"
Personally, I think cropped bustiers are fun on the right Fashionista, in the right context and approach, when styled the right way. :)
All you have to do, wear it with attitude and confidence.
Don't fret! You can wear a cropped bustier and pair of shorts and keep it classy!

Spruce Up No More!
Consider choosing bottoms. In this case, I choose Estelle Fash customized shorts. Oh yes, you don't even have to show any midriff. Pairing a cropped bustier with little short shorts quickly create a "swimsuit" look. Hehehe :)
I paired the cropped bustier with a pair of shorts and a black suede wedge of So! Fab. I guess this is a perfect way to polish off any look. You can also use some blazer to add some mystery to cropped bustier while it just peeks out from underneath..

Cropped Bustier, Love Humbly Shop
Customized Shorts, Estelle Fash
Suede Wedge, So! FAB

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