Thursday, 3 January 2013

Trend-Setter. Certified. Totally Addicted

Allow me to share to you dear readers one of my mini-collections (an online shopping edition). 
You've seen these items of my clothing on my blog before and you're so pretty if you actually guess what post or where I wore them.
I love online shopping and here's a testament that 
1. It is good to be shopaholic sometimes and 
2. It's okay to share to your followers where you bought these trendy clothes.

A Preloved SALE??? No way!!! :)
I love them all.
I'll keep them all.
maybe :)

My Bustier Dress Collection
 My Corset Dress Collection
 My Bustier Tops Collection
 My Maxi Dress Collection
 My Floral Corset Dress Collection
 My Corset Tops Collection
 My Blazers Collection
 My Favorite Floral Blazer
There are certain unforgettable looks that we can't help but want to recreate. Looks so stunning they leave us dying to reinvent the getup with our own individual twist. :)

A Special Thanks to the following ONLINE SHOPS:

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